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Couple with Daughter

Parenting is hard. Let's figure out an easier way forward. 

Parent/Caregiver Support

Children in Playground

As a parent of two young children, and with years of experience providing support to parents of youth with mental health challenges, I have come to appreciate just how difficult parenting can be. It can be a little easier...

My Approach to Parent Work - Holistic and Focused

My work with parents/caregivers includes a 3-pronged approach:


1) Explore the "where, why and how" things are stuck or hard.

We will explore factors like parent and child temperament, family history, relational dynamics, trigger points, behavioural patterns, etc. to understand the factors contributing to the difficulties. This helps us all get on the same page about how to move forward and is based on the principle that problems are generally dynamic and multi-layered and require solutions that are also dynamic and multi-layered. 


 2) Understand and heal your own triggers.

Understand what is getting activated in you as the parent/caregiver and what healing of your own will help healing for the family. This is based on the principle that parents are doing the best they can and that sometimes our own histories can highjack us out of alignment with our caregiving values/approach. Sometimes as parents we are aware of this dynamic and sometimes it is outside of our conscious awareness.  


 3) Implement the roadmap for change.

Now that you have done your own healing and we have an understanding of where we need to go, we identify and implement the specific tools and strategies to shift patterns towards harmony, better functioning (both for your child/ren and for the family as a whole) and deeper connection. This might include dyadic work with you and your child/ren or it might focus on us working together for you to implement new approaches at home. 

Mother and Son
Happy Family



  • Difficult behaviours in your children

  • Supporting a child with mental health difficulties

  • Relationship ruptures and other relationship difficulties

  • Getting on the same page as your partner in your parenting approach (whether as a couple or as co-parents)

  • Addressing the blocks or challenges that get in the way of your desired parenting approach

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