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Psychologist's Office

Individual Therapy

A space for exploration and change from a place of warmth, acceptance and creativity.

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy can include: developing strategies to cope with difficulties in the moment, exploring the challenges you face from different perspectives that allow for new paths forward, and connecting to deeper healing that clears where you are stuck so that you can be more fully in your life in the way that you want to. 



  • Trauma / post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Issues from childhood

  • Mental Health Issues (including depression, anxiety, bipolar and borderline personality disorder [BPD])

  • Issues related to identity, self esteem and sense of self.

  • Difficulties with emotions such as anger, overwhelm, fear, etc.

  • Problem behaviours

  • Parenting issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Burnout and work issues

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Individual Therapy: Services

My Approach to Get You Results

I work primarily in an intensive format. This means that most of my sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours long.


What this means for you is that deeper healing will likely happen more quickly and often more effectively, while honoring the pace that you need.


Clients can sometimes feel a bit intimidated at first by the length of sessions, but then quickly see the benefits because:

  • We spend less time overall with opening up a session (check-ins, getting into the work, etc.) and closing it (wrapping up the work, re-grounding to get on with your day, etc.). This means we spend more time overall in the transformational space of deep healing.

  • A longer session often allows us to ‘complete’ a piece of work which leaves clients feeling more energized and hopeful than in a traditional 50-minute session where ‘the work’ often gets interrupted or truncated by time constraints and then has to be psychologically ‘contained’ until the next session.


Clients report that 'time flies by'! 

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