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About Me

My Professional Background

I hold a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from York University and have extensive training and certifications in various therapy modalities. Since completing my MSW in 2010, I have worked in diverse mental health settings: a hospital, residential mental health treatment centre for youth, walk-in counseling clinic, in-home intensive therapy and community-based youth mental health services. In addition to this experience, I have worked with youth, adults and families in private practice since 2013.

Why I Love Therapy

I chose to practice therapy because I love connecting with people, helping them discover their own strengths and wisdom, and collaborating with them to come up with creative and effective ways they can improve their lives. I have learned a great deal from my clients and I bring this expertise to the counseling room. I am also a self-confessed therapy nerd: I read about new techniques and applications in my spare time and regularly attend training and workshops. So, I have developed a good repertoire of knowledge of different approaches and techniques to help you along your journey.

More About Me

I value authenticity and this is what you get when working with me. I like to find humour in things and look at things from new perspectives in my life. I am currently on the wild ride of parenting two small humans. In my spare time (which admittedly is very little with two young children!) I am involved in an initiative advocating for racial equality. Social justice is important to me – it is why I got into social work and therapy. As a straight, white, cis-gendered settler, I am committed to ongoing learning and personal healing work around the ways that systems of oppression impact and show up in our bodies, psyches and internal systems, in different ways. I have extensive experience working with racialized clients, and queer and trans clients. I am comfortable talking about identity, social location, power and privilege as it relates to our internal and external world, as well as the therapy space/process.


I think that it is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and if that means knowing a bit more about me, just ask! 

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