Family Therapy

Families who come to see me often feel emotionally exhausted and sometimes are stuck in a blame cycle. Sometimes things are going pretty well, but they would like support working through a particular issue. Often, they would like to feel emotionally connected to each other but find that behaviours or interactional/conflict patterns keep getting in the way of the relationships they want with each other.  I sometimes see the whole family and other times certain members (e.g., caregivers alone, dyad work with one caregiver and one child, etc.). I will work with your family to explore what the issues are and find the best approach to address it. Family therapy is a great approach to address:


  • Family Conflict

  • Life changes (e.g., moving, divorce, death and illness of a loved one, changing schools, difficulties related to a child’s developmental stage, etc.)

  • Communication or relationship difficulties/breakdown

  • Family impacted by one family member’s mental health, addiction, etc.

  • Past abuse

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