My Approach

I approach therapy from a belief that people are the experts in their own lives and that therapy is a collaborative process: people have skills, strength and wisdom, my job is to help them access and build on these inner resources. I strive to create an environment where people feel listened to, respected, safe, and motivated to take steps towards change. I believe that your therapist should “have your back”, while helping you push yourself to take those difficult steps towards making helpful change. Even in the most difficult situations, I bring creativity, humour and warmth to my work. 


My approach to therapy is flexible and responsive to the needs of my clients. Over the years I have developed competence in a number of evidence-based therapy approaches; this means I am able to offer a tailored approach to each client based on their needs and preferences.

The main models of therapy that I am trained in and use in my work are:

· Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

· Attachment-focused family therapy

· Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

· Mindfulness

· Internal Family Systems (IFS)

You can read more about these therapy models in the section "Tools that I use"​.

You can read more about my training in these and other approaches in the sections "About Me"

I work from an anti-oppressive framework. This means I believe that naming the societal factors that contribute to mental health difficulties can provide a powerful tool for healing. I have extensive experience working with racialized clients, and queer and trans clients. If you have questions about this please feel free to ask.